Financial Planning Advocate began with the idea that client’s need an advocate for their financial planner, not a salesperson.

About Us

Our Company’s Mission is:

To provide the CPA financial planner with the tools to guide them in reimagining what it means to serve as their client’s advocate and trusted adviser, as well as reimagine new possibilities for their firm. Providing boots on the ground support, coaching, mentoring and instruction to build and implement their personal financial planning practice.

Susan and Tom Tillery are the leading experts in providing personal financial planning without managing assets and without selling products. Their curriculum is utilized in colleges and universities, in schools of accounting, business, and law, throughout the country. Through their personal financial planning firm, Paraklete® Financial, Inc. they are their client’s advocate and trusted adviser. Their business model includes a collaborative team of professionals who form a client’s advisory team, and for high-net-worth clients, serves as the foundation for their virtual family office. From a stewardship perspective, Tom and Susan educate their clients and assist them in transforming their lives, the lives of their families and the communities within which they live.