The CPA Financial Planner's Advocate

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The CPA Financial Planner's Advocate

Reimagine your firm and the services you offer

To meet the changing needs of clients, reimagine what it means to serve as their trusted adviser. Provide your clients with new services and engage with them in a new way by offering a holistic approach to their financial needs.

Learn how to go from blueprint to building and implementing a personal financial planning practice: either stand-alone or as a complement to your existing tax practice. We will provide step-by-step guidance, consulting, classroom instruction, coaching, and ongoing mentoring to assist you.

Our services are offered by leading experts, who have built their own successful fee-for-service personal financial planning practice without investment management and without product sales. With having over 15 years of experience working with CPAs in the implementation of personal financial planning services into their tax practices. They have also assisted entrepreneurial CPAs in establishing and building their own stand-alone personal financial planning firms.

Have You Been Considering:

      • Offering a holistic approach to your clients for their financial needs
      • Offering personal financial planning at a professional level
      • Offering personal financial planning without managing assets or selling products

Are you ready to take your tax practice into the new decade?

Are your clients asking you the following questions?

  •  Do I have enough for retirement?
  • What do I need to do to make sure I can send my kids to college?
  • Who should I be talking to regarding my investments?
  • My business is my greatest asset, how do I prepare for college and retirement while I’m building it or until I sell it?
  •  Do I need new wills, or would a revocable trust be better?
  • What solutions are there regarding my charitable deduction considering the new law?
  • Our kids are really pushing us regarding inheritance, what is the best way to address this?
  • Do you know a good financial planner?
  • My investment manager offered to do my taxes for free, what should I do?

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